Gonococcal Resistance

Gonococcal (GC) infections have re-emerged as a significant global public health problem. The IDCRP Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Research Area (RA) is leading a global effort to identify the prevalence and risk factors of drug resistant GC infections among US military seeking care in a wide variety of geographic settings, currently from several sites across the globe. The IDCRP is the Coordinating Center for the DoD Gonococcal Repository & Reference Laboratory (GC-RRL)  in Dr. Ann Jerse’s lab at USU. An IDCRP protocol outlines the Program's role as Coordinating Center for a global GC Repository, with efforts including study site development; human subjects protection assistance; comparison protocols for GC microbiology and antimicrobial resistance testing technical support; standard operating procedures for isolate and data management and transfer; utilization of repository; and interfacing of microbiology and clinical research. This effort also aims to test the sensitivity of early stream urine culture and identify the prevalence of Chlamydia by urine nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) testing among symptomatic and asymptomatic US military service members. This project is supported as an AFHSB GEIS Sustainment 3-year workplan.

IDCRP is committed to reducing the impact of infectious diseases in the military population through collaborative clinical research
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